Special Events

P3 produces effective and entertaining video content for special events. Presentations for sports banquets, corporate events, and even Sweet 16 parties enhance the experience for audiences and featured guests at any special occasion.

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Athletic Events

From season-ending banquets to Hall of Fame ceremonies to program fundraisers, P3 produces video presentations that be featured in the event program. Season highlight recaps, video interviews, and honorary tributes are just a few examples that will enrich an athletic event.

Corporate Events

P3 produces video for companies hosting special events. An annual overview, biographical features for retirees, or achievement highlights adds life to any celebratory event. 

Personal Parties

Time passes quickly and video can capture your most special occasions. First birthdays, Sweet 16 parties, and family reunions are moments to capture in time. P3 will attend your special event to create a memorable video that will be treasured for years to come.

Filming Special Events

P3 will film your special event and produce a general edit, or to provide an opportunity to those who could not attend to view what they missed. A detailed edit is also an option for entities wishing to post a recap of their special event on the company website or share via social media.