Corporate Videos

P3 produces video content for small business and large corporations to assist companies in telling their stories. Their videos are used for business presentation, testimonials, ‘About You’, and special events. The types of videos range from informational to inspirational to entertaining.

In addition, P3 revises company websites to modernize design, improve functionality and develop video and SEO content. Along with an enhanced presentation, P3 will implement marketing strategies and analytics to improve Google search rankings and website traffic.

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About You

P3 will tell the story of your company in a succinct, impactful manner that provides the audience with a greater understanding of your profile, products and services. Video footage and interviews with key individuals and associates will articulate what separates you from the competition. The video treatment can be used in presentations, imbedded on the company website and shared through social media and email to drive your message in a visual format. Videos can be produced in one-, three-, and/or five-minute versions.

Client Presentations

The use of video in prospective client presentations is not only a useful tool, but a form of communication that has become expected. A short, introductory video to a presentation sets the stage for key points to follow, while video testimonials can provide supporting evidence and credibility to the company message. A closing video can also serve as a strong tool to summarize and punctuate the company pitch.

Special Events

Holiday parties, summer retreats, galas, and celebrations are more memorable when a video presentation accompanies the event. An overview of the year, employee interviews, volunteer event highlights, and biographical features add a personal touch to any business event.

Day in the Life (law firms)

P3 provides services for attorneys seeking visual evidence of an individual who struggles with daily activities due to a personal injury. Video reporting projects a visual impact that conveys a clear understanding of the real-life issues. Video will be captured and edited in a manner that is permissible in court.

Video Testimonials

P3 will interview satisfied clients from the present and past to enhance the credibility of your products, services, and/or partnerships. A company toting its performance and strengths as a collaborator are typical. A client delivering that same message increases credibility and establishes greater trust with the audience.

Product Announcements

P3 utilizes video and photography to promote new products and services in the market place. Whether it be informational feature or a short commercial, P3 will produce a presentation that can be displayed online, targeted to focus groups, and shared on social media.