Nothing lasts forever and enjoying the experiences of my daughter, Kailee, playing soccer has been a pleasure. As she’s grown and matured, it’s become even more special. In no particular order, here is what I’ll miss most.

I’ll miss going to the soccer field with her, just the two of us, to work on aspects of her game. Sometimes, we just worked on passing and shooting – the fun stuff – and others we focused on weaknesses. Time never flew faster than those visits to the field.

I’ll miss the car ride to games. Almost every time, she’d ask for advice on something she should focus on to play well that day. My response could never match the strength of the question.

I’ll miss the random times when she was angry – or even crying – on the ride home after a tough loss. It’s difficult in the moment, but it would tell me that she cared. You can’t teach someone to care.

I’ll miss watching the video footage (Veo) of games with her. We’d talk about the good and the bad. My favorite moments were when I’d make a teaching point and she’d counter with a different point of view. It reminded me that the sideline (or overhead) angle isn’t the angle that matters most. The players on the field own that angle.

I’ll miss the tight games that her team won and the heartbreakers that they lost. Whether it’s the thrill of victory or agony of defeat, it’s about the exhilaration felt during a sporting event that’s personal. I find it difficult to match that rush in any other facet of life.

I’ll miss her #57. I laughed at first when she was given that jersey number, but wouldn’t trade it for anything now. It’s who she is with YMS soccer … and she loves Heinz ketchup.

I’ll miss the relationships that evolve when your family participates in team sports – the parents, kids, and coaches.

One thing I won’t miss right now is my daughter playing soccer, at least not yet. She still has high school tryouts ahead of her and travel soccer in late fall. But there will come a time when soccer – or any sport for that matter – isn’t a part of our family experience. I’ll miss it when that time comes.

Holidays offer opportunities to gather, to reflect, and to be grateful for what we have. Too many days are spent fixated on what’s next.

What will you miss most?

Happy Father’s Day.